5 Traits That Define a Great Creative Design Agency


  1. Aesthetic
  2. Let’s face it, creativity itself is a subjective exercise, no matter what anyone tells you.  We’re drawn to certain a look and feel, and turned off by others.  A certain genre of art will appeal to us, while other particular genres will not interest us at all.  It can be very difficult to articulate why, exactly, you aren’t drawn to a certain style of creative design.  You will only know that you don’t like it.  Take that initial approach when choosing a creative agency.  Do you like and respect the creativity of their portfolio, even if they don’t have experience in your category?  If you don’t, stay away.   If you do, good, keep that in mind as you go through the process.  You won’t like everything they do, but you will build a relationship built on respect.
  3. Intuitive UX 
  4. Good creative design can’t exist without an intuitive user experience.  Download and play with a few of your prospective creative design agency’s digital products.  Is the User Experience easy to navigate?  Does the flow of the app meet the User’s Expectations?  An intuitive UX welcomes the user, and knows what they need in advance.  You only get one shot at converting a first time user to your product.  If you don’t have a intuitive UX, they won’t be back.
  5. Experienced with Disruptor Brands  
  6. The business world is undergoing radical change.  Categories and business models are being disrupted at a rapid pace.  Designing for a disruptor brand can be the most difficult assignment in the world.  You have to capture a feeling and make a statement that appeals to as many people as possible while simultaneously clearly defining the brand promise.  It’s not easy.  Look for a creative design agency that has experience doing this.  They’ll have been fire-tested and will be more likely to add value in less time than their counterparts.
  7. Culture   
  8. Like creativity itself, the way you experience a culture is also subjective.  Some company cultures will drawn you in, some will inspire you, and some others will confuse or disappoint you.  You won’t be able to change a companies culture no matter how great and loyal of a client you are.  Pay special attention to the culture and rhythm of a good creative design agency - because you’ll be living with it for the length of your contracted relationship.
  9. Good Listeners  
  10. Nothing gets done well by anybody without a healthy dose of good listening.  A service company lives and dies by the efficiency and effectiveness of their ability to listen to their clients.  To hear what they’re saying and what they’re not saying.  Test them out early.  Get granular and even contradictory in your testing process.  You can’t teach someone how to listen well, but you can avoid those that don’t.