Extracting Marketing Objectives From Start Up Passion


We love the mad-scramble, energized, optimistic, start-up world.

Start-up enthusiasm, its tireless work ethic, laser-sharp focus and unyielding belief in ideas, have fueled a transformation of the economy and of society itself. Dominated by tech companies with engineers at the helm, these agile and responsive enterprises generally solve problems using data, logic, math, code.

Into this mix comes the bothersome world of marketing – a curious hybrid of hype and creative genius. A world where the science is, at best, emerging.  However, the rigor required to define brand elements, set clear marketing objectives, and create a strategic marketing plan are no less demanding than the comprehensive discipline that goes into say, creating a system architecture document. And, it is no less important.

Working with early-stage companies to define their marketing objectives, customer, and develop a brand look-feel-voice, in support of a unique value proposition, is some of the most gratifying work that blend does. It is exciting to follow in the wake of a brilliant founder and help shape the presentation of their vision to the rest of the world. But, to creatively express that vision using the tools of marketing - words, images, icons, colors, animation, live events, social engagement and motion pictures - requires a clear mapping of the brand DNA. This map also points the way to the most efficient channels for distributing content and messaging.  

As start-up teams work against tight deadlines, stretched to capacity, an outside marketing agency can provide much-needed additional support. Especially when marketing is a department of one, or two… or even none. Working with a digital marketing agency that takes the time to fully understand a product, a business, and the market it serves, is the best way to ensure a successful product launch. Skipping this step will ultimately lead to higher costs and missed opportunities. Finding the resources to lead, support, and/or advise on this effort is a simple matter of asking for help from those practiced in the discipline.