How to Select The Best Video Production Company for Your Brand


Given the dominance of video in modern communication, video production has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have’ for every business. Social platforms and search engineering allow brands to micro-target audiences and provide them with an abundance of consumer behavior and data. Therefore, the need for branded video is growing exponentially.  Facebook alone streams 4 billion videos daily and that number is only growing.  For a brand to stand out, to have a chance at disrupting a category, or to gain meaningful attention within that category, they need to partner with a world-class video production company who understands marketing strategy, can develop a creative brief to fit that strategy, and can execute on that plan efficiently and effectively. 

There are a lot of Video Production Companies popping up to service the massive demand for branded video.   How do you choose the best video production company to create your branded video content?  Here are the 6 hallmark attributes of a world-class video production company:

Marketing Strategy:  They respect the over arching brand strategy and plan, create and execute accordingly.  It is tempting to rush off and start scripting out an idea, but it has very little chance of succeeding if the brand’s consumer acquisition strategy hasn’t been ironed out first.  They work within your strategy or they help you research, create and define one first.

Consumer Research:  A quality video production company will lean on key consumer insights as they create a concept that exploits the breakthrough messaging of your brands’ offering.  They will have a strong desire to anchor the messaging around credible consumers data points.  Accordingly, they will seek out your consumer insights, and/or help you collect insights.

Competitive Analysis:  Your partners need to know who your competing against and how best to message and execute your branded content against the field.  A deep understanding of the business vertical is paramount from your video production company.

Scripting:  The right partner will work with you to ensure that you have explored all necessary options for potential creative outlines via a thorough scripting process.  If you don’t like the script you aren’t going to like the video.

Pre Production Process:  All of the pre production planning and coordinating cumulates in a ‘pre-production’ meeting where all the stakeholders sign off on the final details of the production and post production prior to filming, so there are no surprises when it comes to executing the video.  Ask to see examples of pre production books from potential partners.

Post Production:  Concepting, scripting, and video production have to be complimented with quality video editing and the right animation, visual effects and music.  Find out who on your video production company team is responsible for post production and coordinate with them early and often.